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Let your music dictate how you get wasted with Drinkify.org

It’s happy hour, which means it’s time to kick back with some tunes and your drink of choice. If you can only handle the pressure of choosing one of those things after a long day of work, Drinkify.org helps ease the burden of getting shit-faced by offering drink suggestions to complement your music of choice. Some of the suggestions are a little off-base—I put in the band “Punch Brothers” and was offered “red wine,” despite the fact that the group’s song “Rye Whiskey” was playing in the background—but the suggestions go surprisingly deep, thanks to some sort of link with Last.fm. I tried to fool it with The Muppets (1 bottle Mateus Rosé), Jawbox (1 PBR), and Korean boy band Shinee (1 oz. rum, 1 oz. grenadine), and Drinkify had suggestions for all of ’em. This has the makings of a lethal iTunes shuffle-based drinking game.


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