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Let us not overlook Shrek's contributions to Game of Thrones

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Did you, by chance, ever get deja vu while watching new episodes of Game of Thrones? Did you think to yourself, “this is great, but where have I seen this before?” Well, if you’re one of these highly perceptive beings, then you’ll be happy to finally know why you were feeling this intense sense of familiarity. Shrek. Yep, it’s because of Shrek. The franchise about a grumpy ogre who fell in love with an ogre-by-curse princess is the uncanny twin to Thrones. Now, no one is saying Game of Thrones copied a DreamWorks movie with Eddie Murphy playing a talking donkey, but you can’t deny the insane resemblances between the two.


As pointed out in the above Twitter thread, there are several viable comparisons, the likes of which bypass mere coincidence. There’s Tyrion and Lord Farquaad, both dwarfs in powerful positions—although Tyrion had a far better haircut most of the time. The coiffed, pretty Prince Charming hair rocks the same ‘do as season one Jaime Lannister. You can see Puss In Boots in Arya: tiny assassins with a very thin, yet very deadly, sword. Podrick sorta, maybe, looks like human Shrek, who was also an absolute snack (that’s a fact and not up for a discussion).

And of course, who can gloss over the most obvious connection: dragons.


The real kicker is that Shrek literally gave David Benioff and D.B. Weiss the go-ahead for Drogon to birth more dragon eggs, which would have been a twist and possibly far better ending, but, hey, you can only lead a horse to water.

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