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Let us briefly consider the majesty of Willem Dafoe’s face

Credit: Marianna Massey / Stringer / Getty

Willem Dafoe’s just got one of those faces that burns itself into your memory. Its sharp lines contort readily into a devilish, toothy smile, and, while he’s wielded it to great success in roles as diverse as the Green Goblin in Spider-Man and Nosferatu in Shadow Of The Vampire, he’s never been typecast for it. Instead, as a video from Fandor explores, he’s vaulted between roles in Wes Anderson flicks, he’s played Jesus in The Last Temptation Of Christ, and he played a (very) wounded lover in Anti-Christ.

The through-line here is probably actually his talent and versatility as an actor, but also it’s that damn face, which seems to have been tailor-made to be filmed. Fortunately enough, he seems to have realized this, appearing in some 100 movies over the past three and a half decades, with seven slated for release this year alone. Hopefully his dick doesn’t get nailed to a board in any of them.


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