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Let us admire Ilhan Omar's perfect use of the I Think You Should Leave hot dog meme

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Screenshot: Netflix

ExxonMobil set itself up for a hell of a ratio on Thursday with a tweet pretending to give a shit about climate change after more than 40 years of promoting climate misinformation, As the masses piled into the replies, reminding the conglomerate that its fat cat executives are the “arsonists who started the fire,” U.S. Representative (and Green New Deal backer) Ilhan Omar adhered to that old adage about pictures saying more than words. That picture? Tim Robinson in a hot dog suit.

If you’re unaware, the screengrab comes from a sketch on Robinson’s I Think You Should Leave, in which a man in a hot dog suit tries to help the staff of a clothing store decipher who drove a hot dog car through their wall. “We’re all trying to find the guy who did this,” he says, a moment that’s become meme shorthand for anyone trying to address an issue for which they are obviously responsible.

Omar’s demonstration of good taste and meme mastery dovetails with her and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent stints as Among Us streamers, further cementing the representative as a public official who, unlike many of her colleagues, doesn’t reek of desperation when she tries to engage with pop culture.


But what’s especially funny is imagining dinosaurs like Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley squinting their eyes at Omar’s tweet, withered synapses sparking as they try to draw a connection between ExxonMobil and a man in a hot dog suit. Perhaps, in this imaginary scenario, they’d seek answers in the series itself. “Why do they hate the baby so much?” mutters a drooling Grassley. “Honk...if you’re horny?” a perplexed McConnell asks, skin turning new shades of black.

Goddamn, we can’t wait for season two.

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