There's no better day than Monday to be reminded that, despite the endless barrage of degradation and self-doubt that define the human condition, “even the littlest idea can end up as something big." Remix artist melodysheep has once again peered into the cynical, hardened heart of mankind in order to extract the faint glimmers of positivity that remain. The result is “Reading Rainbow Remixed: In Your Imagination,” an Auto-Tuned collection of some of the most memorable lessons from LeVar Burton—a.k.a. the only example of goodness, patience, and wisdom left in a world that otherwise laughs at our feeble attempts to realize our dreams. Watch him as he explains, without any apparent cynicism or irony, that the imagination can be a tool for enlightenment rather than just an engine for angst, misery, and self-torment. He even goes so far as to encourage children—of no more than 9 or 10!—to exercise their creativity and individuality instead of preparing for the standardized evaluations of intellectual worth that will determine both their self-esteem and their future role in the drudgery and humiliation that is adult society. Watch, and let his confounding cheer and enthusiasm serve as a brief respite from the otherwise pointless and soul-crushing exercise of living. [via Flavorwire]