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Let this epic dance scene supercut carry you through your Tuesday

Tuesday is dumb. There are neither Garfield comics nor disco songs about it, and anyone who uses Tuesday as an excuse to drink is just an alcoholic. Even Tuesday’s hashtags are lame. But this Tuesday will be a day of celebration, thanks to the uplifting power of one man’s triumph over hundreds of hours of fast-forwarding through movies to find the dancing scenes.

Las Vegas-based video editor and supercut enthusiast Robert Jones began his “We Can Dance—Hollywood Movie Dance” trilogy over a year ago with a video that has since racked up over ten million views. Part two, “We Can Neutron Dance,” came out in January, and over the weekend Jones released the threequel. The result is a total of 12 minutes and 43 seconds of finger-snapping, toe-tapping fun from Frank Sinatra to Clerks 2. Happy Tuesday, everybody.

[via Filmdrunk]


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