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Let this animatronic Rocket Raccoon adorably paw his way into your nightmares

Let’s recap:

  • Raccoons: Pretty cute, when they aren’t rabid.
  • Wisecracking, gun-wielding raccoons, voiced by Bradley Cooper: Still pretty cute, and even sometimes a little poignant.
  • Animatronic robot raccoons, voiced by someone trying to sound like Bradley Cooper in Japanese, and also its face keeps kind of twitching: Nightmare-inducing.

That’s the lesson we picked up from this Japanese “interview” with a live-action animatronic version of Guardians Of The Galaxy co-star Rocket Raccoon. We’re not sure what Rocket is saying to the nice lady asking him questions, but he certainly sounds angrier than you’d like a gun-toting robot to sound. And then there’s the laugh that the metal and fur abomination finishes the video with, which we’re pretty sure we’ll be hearing, over and over again, as we try to sleep, for the rest of our lives.

Anyway, enjoy!

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