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Let the cast of DuckTales—obviously—break down this whole Area 51 thing for you

See, this is what happens when you cast a bunch of Comedy Bang Bang alumni—and also consistent motormouthed delight Paget Brewster—in your fun little cartoon kids show: Sometimes they hijack their Mouse-mandated press duties in order to talk about aliens, upstate New York pizza places, and Naruto for five minutes. That’s the takeaway from the above Comic-Con interview Variety did with Brewster, Ben Schwartz, Kate Micucci, and Bobby Moynihan—all members of the cast of DuckTales (whoo-ooh!)—last week, which went slightly off the rails when the topic of Area 51 came up, and things suddenly shot off to the races.


If you’re not up to date on why Area 51 has been trending lately, well—actually, no, just go ahead and watch the video, because Brewster does a damn good job of explaining it. It says something about this whole interaction that Schwartz, no stranger to chat show chaos, is the one trying to keep things vaguely on track, even as he’s clearly having a blast listening to Brewster talking conspiracies and visitations while Moynihan dips into character voices. Even if you don’t give a shit about ducks or aliens, it’s a pretty amazing watch; come for Brewster’s UFO sightings, stay for everyone showing off their best “Naruto run” poses.

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