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Oh, Becker.

It’s always impressive when any given human soldier pushes himself not only to the limits of his body, but of his mind. Climbing Mount Everest, after all, isn’t just about arm strength. It’s about brain strength.

That’s what’s so impressive about the new video from Aaron Read, a Vancouver-based improv comedian and member of the group The Sunday Service. Read puts his whole mind, body, and soul to work in a clip entitled “Man loses his mind/family dancing to Becker themsong for 1 hr straight.” Made because Read says he’s “a big fan of Becker” and is trying to “raise awareness to get Ted Danson more work,” the clip is 60 minutes of pure insanity, with the video capturing not only 60 minutes of wiggly jazz dancing not unlike something Bill Cosby would have done during the opening of The Cosby Show, but also a bunch of comedic bits and asides. Read isn’t actually going crazy­—something that’s pretty much assured, given the comedians who have RTed this clip—but it’s at least fun to pretend he is.

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