From a town hall last night that Marco Rubio chose not to attend. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Yesterday we kicked back and enjoyed some videos of Republican congresspeople getting a goddamn earful from their constituents. This week is the first Congressional recess, during which town halls are ostensibly supposed to be held, and progressive organizers have seized upon this as an opportunity to urge their elected representatives to actually represent their interests. And while it’s fun to see walking nutsacks like Mitch McConnell or the improbably named Tom Cotton get shouted into a corner by the dispossessed majority who did not vote for the president and vehemently oppose his policies, there is one group even more craven yet: the congresspeople refusing to even hold town halls.

Former presidential candidate and Men’s Wearhouse employee of the month U.S. Senator Marco Rubio is one such craven, spineless fuck, taking the Congressional recess as an opportunity to supposedly hop out on a European tour rather than attend any of the multiple citizen-organized town halls being held. And so it is uniquely enjoyable to watch him get caught out in the wild and called out by an organizer:


As the Miami New Times reports, he eventually did get cornered by a handful of protestors, where he attempted to engage in civil discourse.

Still, the dude is refusing to attend a town hall, which is one of the fundamental components of serving in a representative democracy. Videos like the ones above (and the many, many more online by MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin and NBC News editor Bradd Jaffy) are proof that the organizing by the anti-Trump resistance is working. They also serve a release valve: It’s weirdly calming watching these people physically hear the voices of the people they represent.