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Every life is sacred and worth memorializing—even if those lives are CGI creations mercilessly dispatched in huge numbers by various arrows, swords, and volcanoes. That is why Digg has gone through Peter Jackson’s original Lord Of The Rings trilogy and counted or estimated every on-screen death that occurs over the course of roughly nine hours of film. Luckily it won’t take that long to watch as the team was able to boil it down to under seven minutes, all while keeping the rising tally on the screen along with the associated battle and/or scene.

One might think the leading cause of death would be arrows, or swords, or maybe even oliphaunts. But no, turns out the great scourge for Middle Earth denizens are water and ghosts. It’s like the old saying goes: the death of one Sean Bean is a tragedy, the death of 212,470 mostly pixellated characters is just a statistic.

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