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Let’s talk about the end of Alien: Covenant

Screenshot: The End Of Alien: Covenant Explained

Alien: Covenant remains a quietly contentious movie, with many people saying it’s the best in the series outside of Alien and Aliens and others decrying it as another android-focused disappointment from Ridley Scott. While we’ve pored over its place in the greater saga at length, its twist ending—which pretty much everyone on the planet saw coming—does still leave a few unanswered questions that are worth picking apart, especially if you were in the group that enjoyed the film and doesn’t vomit at the thought of more android lore. A new video from Looper encapsulates the situation nicely. (Spoilers ensue.)

Among the questions left unanswered by the movie, the largest is probably: Why did the android David help fleeing humans Daniels and Tennessee escape from the Xenomorph once they all got back on the spaceship? The video offers some interesting theories, including the idea that the “mother” David mentions his eggs waiting for wasn’t Billy Crudup’s dopey face but, instead, the alien queen introduced in Aliens. It’s the sort of cross-film fan theory that keeps hope alive, at least until Ridley Scott decides he doesn’t want to do the two proposed Covenant sequels after all, and instead we all get The Martian 2: Martians.


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