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Let’s talk about Jon Snow’s sick-ass personal brand

Photo: HBO

There are many, many videos about Game Of Thrones on the internet—supercuts of every variety, mashups, fan theories, explainers, recaps, an unquestionable surplus of pornography, and so on. Every possible political point has been extrapolated or mapped onto the massively popular fantasy world, and its memes have been elucidated ad infinitum. But have you ever wondered what Game Of Thrones has to say about personal branding and the art of the deal? Wonder no more:

Everyday Sales is a YouTube channel focused on discussing marketing through the lens of pop culture, and perhaps the strangest thing about it is how well it ultimately sells its insights on Jon Snow. Indeed, the house sigils are a primitive form of branding, video narrator! The insight that “Winter Is Coming” is the sole house motto focused on a common interest rather than self-aggrandizement does provide an interesting lens into the lovability of the Stark clan, although the fact that Snow has nice hair and, you know, isn’t a rapist or child-murderer marks him out as a uniquely likable presence within Westeros, as well.

If only there were a way for Snow to leverage his massive following to help larger brands in the Seven Kingdoms tell their stories to consumers. Perhaps one of those four spin-off series can follow Snow’s forays into social media marketing.

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