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Let’s talk about Gendry, who is absolutely winning the Game Of Thrones

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With season eight of HBO’s Game Of Thrones less than a month away, the time has come to place your bets on who you think will be left sitting on the Iron Throne when the final credits roll. There are a few plausible options left in the ever-dwindling cast of characters, some more plausible than others. A recent video from ScreenPrism, however, focuses on an outlier who, despite taking a rowboat tour for four seasons, has remained a fan favorite and potential endgame champion. We’re talking, of course, about Gendry.

While it’s certainly unlikely that a character who just reappeared last season would end up taking home the grand prize, Gendry has a surprising number of things going for him. First of all, he’s got the blood of a Baratheon, which is a pretty ironclad claim in itself. For all the talk about Game Of Thrones (and the book series it’s based on) subverting fantasy tropes, there’s still a lot of importance put on blood lineage and royal lines of succession. Gendry, though, isn’t just some trumped up monarch’s son resting on his laurels. He’s a man of the people, he’s low-born, and, much like fellow bastard Jon Snow, he has little-to-no interest in becoming a leader, which is potentially why he would be such a good one.


Of course, it’s always possible that Gendry and his big fucking hammer will play a different, equally important role in the final season. With an army of White Walkers and zombies finally at their doorstep, the Westerosi are in desperate need of battle-tested warriors willing to throw themselves into a fight. Plus, Gendry’s character on the show is kind of an amalgamation of a few different bastards in the books, so it might be kinda weird if he ended up ruling in the end. Still, we can dream.

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