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Game Of Thrones

[Warning: Here be spoilers. -Ed.]

In the closing moments of the last season of Game Of Thrones, fans were treated to a sight that many were probably beginning to think they might never see: Daenerys Targaryen on a boat pointed toward Westeros. Now, given the snail’s pace with which the Mother Of Dragons’ storyline has developed over the course of the previous six seasons, you’d be justified in worrying that most of the next season will take place in the middle of the narrow sea, with Daenerys struggling with some sort of nautical politics. But no! Or at least, probably not: According to Watchers On The Wall—the website of choice for fans who want to go out of their way to spoil the show for themselves—a new filming location points to some very exciting news for the next batch of episodes.


(If you keep reading beyond this point, you have no one to blame but yourself.)

Reports show that the globe-trotting filming crew is currently setting up shop in the amphitheater of Itálica in southern Spain. Speculation is that this set of Roman ruins will be used for the dilapidated Dragonpit of King’s Landing, where the ousted Targaryens once housed their enormous reptile steeds. Seems like the perfect place for an occupying Queen to park her three growing dragons, no?

You know what, though? That’s not even the most exciting news. WOTW is also giving news of a big shoot in the Spanish municipality of Malpartida, with 450 extras being trained in military techniques. The website expounds:

The battle will be an ambush. The aggressors seem to be the Targaryens —In particular, this attack will be led by Daenerys and at least one of her dragons, followed by her Dothraki horde, judging by the casting call and the search for horses. Considering where we left off the story last season, the army under attack have to be the Lannisters, and indeed we know one of them will be present, probably Jaime.


Granted, this is a lot of conjecture. But WOTW did a pretty decent job calling out the big set pieces last time around, and they provide some facts to back up their hypotheses. So, take that as you will. Valar morghulis.

[via i09]


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