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Let’s see how Emma Watson’s Beauty would fare against the pure evil of Voldemort

PistolShrimp's "Beauty And Lord Voldemort" (Screenshot: YouTube)

Voldemort replaces The Beast in this artfully edited Harry Potter/Beauty And The Beast mashup trailer. Emma Watson as Belle is nowhere near as badass as her Hermione character, but she works well as a thread to bridge the films together—especially when she enters the dark foyer and whispers “Lumos.” Voldemort as brusque-but-charming leading man is, well, really something.

Comedy duo PistolShrimps impressively edits Voldemort into the Beauty And The Beast trailer, where he scares, then charms, Watson’s Belle. But the amusing flourishes of editing other voices from random Harry Potter characters into Beauty And The Beast’s various talking objects makes the mashup a delight, like when Dobby’s voice comes out of Chip’s mouth to tell Belle he’s an elf. There’s even a fucking Gandalf quote thrown in.


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