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Let’s overanalyze another vague Mad Men teaser

The second Mad Men teaser is a continuation on a theme—airports, apparently. This latest one features Megan, Pete, Roger, Peggy, Betty, and Don in various states of slow-motion air travel, set to Alice Russell’s “Breakdown.” The characters all look slightly bemused by their surroundings. What is “arrivals”? What is “taxi zone”? What, pray tell, is a “non-smoking flight”?


The teaser closes with the tagline, “It’s all up in the air.” We can only assume that is either a) a hint at this season’s theme or b) a cry for help from the show’s writers, who have realized with just a few weeks before the season six premiere that they have no idea what this show is about anymore.

This teaser follows in the footsteps of the first trailer, in which Don Draper slowly and meaningfully exited a plane while taking his hat off.

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