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Let’s not even pretend to know what Veryman.Expert is about

Last weekend, for some arcane and unknowable purpose, the website Veryman.Expert popped in to existence (much like everything weird on the Internet, it links back to Adult Swim). Once that inscrutable URL is typed into a browser, it delivers surfers to a strange, shuffling 3D recreation of a man in a pink Zentai suit with nipple cutouts. It only gets weirder from there. Sliders with inscrutable names like “Human Pouch” and “Father’s Chest” allow users to modify the man’s actions and proportions to grotesque degrees, which inevitably create Lovecraftian horror-scapes. You can try to not make a Lovecraftian horror-scape, but you will inevitably, inexorably fail. Once your man is finished, you can upload him to the net in GIF form, as well as take a look at a nightmare feed of other created men. It’s a completely baffling experience that’s pointless to even try to explain.


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