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Emma Stone (left) and Maya Rudolph on Maya & Marty (Photo: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

It’s been another rough week for the world, and sometimes it feels like there’s no other kind anymore. But then other times, you come across a video of two talented women singing a pretty song while they turn little butter tubs into musical instruments, and it seems like humanity can still turn out okay. For me, this morning was one of the latter times. If you were as shaken as I was by last night’s latest horrific wound to our collective psyche, maybe you will also welcome the emotional balm of Maya Rudolph and Emma Stone covering the pop song “Call Your Girlfriend.”

Emma Stone and @MayaRudolph cover @robynkonichiwa’s “Call Your Girlfriend” with butter tubs. #MayaAndMartyhttps://t.co/ZNurTy5wQe

— Maya & Marty (@MayaAndMarty) July 13, 2016

The song’s lyrics are regretful, and Rudolph and Stone’s performance is melancholy. Yet the unassuming setup and, in particular, Rudolph’s beatific smile make this clip a moment of sweet, calming cheer. The segment originally aired this week on the season-one finale of Rudolph’s variety show, Maya & Marty, a program that most of us probably didn’t pay much mind—I certainly didn’t. Perhaps next season, if there is one, it’ll be worth a closer look.

“Call Your Girlfriend” was originally recorded by the Swedish electropop artist Robyn, and her version is plenty of fun in itself. Have a nice weekend, and be good to each other.


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