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Yesterday, we reported that Vampire Weekend will finally be releasing some new music next week. As frontman Ezra Koenig said in a lengthy Instagram post announcing the project, these first new songs in six years are part of an 18-track album that, at the moment, is only known by the initials FOTB. We’ll know what those initials stand for when the album drops in a few months, but that hasn’t stopped the Twittersphere from taking a guess or six. 


Here’s some of our favorites:


Solid guesses, sure, but, just for fun, here’s 17 stabs of our own:

  • Fish Odor Tub Bath
  • French Of The Bread
  • Frakes Orders The Borg
  • Fountains Of Thick Broth
  • Fortunes Over The Bold
  • Fatty O’ Top Buckles
  • Fits On The Batteries
  • Flakes, Oats, Toasted Bran
  • Friday On The Beach
  • Fred Or That Brian
  • Flavors Of Table Biscuits
  • Flange On The Bass
  • Fifty Of Tom’s Babies
  • Fixing Our Top Bottoms
  • Flounder, Otter, Teacher, Brother
  • Faking Other Terrible Bothers
  • Flub-O-Tub-Bub

Surely, one of them has to be right, but feel free to offer a guess of your own in the comments. 


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