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Let’s engage in wild speculation over who will take Craig Ferguson’s job

It’s been several Internet months (i.e., three days) since Craig Ferguson announced that he and CBS are parting ways, yet CBS chairman Nina Tassler insists that Ferguson’s seat remains vacant. Tassler says she is still focused on the 11:35 time slot and not to expect a Late Late Show announcement before upfronts on May 14, telling The Hollywood Reporter“We haven’t really thought about it yet. We want to let this sink in.”

But whether CBS is just being coy or they really aren’t worried about it, speculation has already begun about who might possibly be taking a meeting with CBS sometime in the indeterminate but not-too-distant future. Chelsea Handler is already out at this point, but Amy Schumer is reportedly on CBS’ quasi-mythical short list. Still, Schumer’s got her own thing going on right now and may not be willing to compromise her edgy humor for network TV.


Another name being carelessly bandied about is Aisha Tyler, who would make a good candidate for several reasons: She’s already on CBS’ payroll as a panelist on The Talk; she’s got proven interviewing skills; and Archer fans will totally tune in to see her, giving CBS the youthful boost it so desperately needs. Plus, there’s that whole “neither white nor male” thing.

Whiter, more male candidates include Michael Ian Black (who was passed over in favor of Ferguson back in 2005), Joel McHale—who already told Howard Stern he can’t do it unless Community is canceled—and The Daily Show alumni Jason Jones and John Hodgman.


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