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Let’s break from all the Endgame chatter to discuss why the new Hellboy was bad

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The release of Avengers: Endgame and subsequent conclusion to Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has really been dominating the comic book movie conversation as of late. However, there was another superhero movie released recently that’s in need of discussion. No, we’re not talking about Shazam. No, not Dumbo. We’re talking, of course, about the Hellboy reboot. Earlier this month, that film was released, maligned by critics, and quickly forgotten by audiences. In his new video, YouTuber CaptainMidnight breaks the seal on some fresh Hellboy tea and tries to analyze how it ended up so bad.

To be clear, the problem with the new Hellboy is not because it’s not the old Hellboy. It’s not. It’s very much its own thing, for better or for worse. The problem comes from this movie’s attempt to bite off way more than it can chew. It wants to have a large cast of deeply developed characters, impressive visual effects, plucky, well-paced humor, and, as CaptainMidnight says, “a season of television’s worth of plot” crammed into two hours. What’s more, it wants to do all of this with a measly budget of $50 million. Rather than just doing one thing well, Hellboy manages to do a lot of things poorly, which, considering how intriguing some of the pre-release material looked, is disappointing.


Okay, that’s it. We can all go back to just talking about Endgame now.

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