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Let’s all rejoice: Leslie Jones has landed in Rio

Olympics superfan Leslie Jones has made it to Rio, and she’s very excited to be there, as evidenced by her highly effusive tweets. Of course, it’s hard to imagine Jones would be cool and detached about her trip. Her boundless love for the competition is what inspired NBC to invite her to join their broadcasters on the ground. (That and corporate synergy, probably. After all, she is a Saturday Night Live star in addition to being a Ghostbuster.) While Jones is still in the early days of her journey, we can still relish in her joy.


She gave us a mini-tour of her hotel, declaring that she has seen no evidence of Zika.

But, most thrillingly, she saw the Olympic rings.


Hopefully, seeing the inner workings of NBC’s operation doesn’t ruin her affection for the games, like that time on 30 Rock when Liz learned that tetherball is not a real Olympic sport.

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