(Photo: Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images)

In an opportunity that in no way sounds like it will end with a bunch of comedy-horror nerds getting transformed into goo-spewing Deadites or malevolent POV shots, the Alamo Drafthouse and Syfy are offering a chance for fans go out into the spooky woods and watch Evil Dead 2 with star Bruce Campbell, Ash Williams himself. Scheduled for September 14, the showing of Sam Raimi’s gory homage to zombie flicks and old-school Three Stooges shorts is being offered as part of the network’s SYFY25 Screening series, celebrating landmarks in horror and sci-fi cinema.

Your $55 ticket will get you into the screening—located at The Music Ranch in Austin, Texas—as well as a copy of Campbell’s book, Hail To The Chin. All that we ask is that nobody actually read aloud from the book while they’re out there in the forest, lest the incantations and B-movie jokes contained within summon up some fun, schlocky version of the end of the world.


[via Birth. Movies. Death.]