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Let’s all chill and watch Aubrey Plaza get high with nuns

Screenshot: WatchCut Video

Look, it’s been a stressful 2017. Even setting aside the ongoing version of The Gong Show known as the executive branch (followed closely by the legislative branch’s take on The Handmaid’s Tale), things have been rough. We’ve lost Chuck Berry, Jonathan Demme, and Chris Cornell, among other artists. We’ve had more terrible mass attacks at home and abroad. Climate change is getting worse. Bachelor In Paradise almost didn’t happen. The point is, we all deserve a few minutes’ respite. So why not enjoy a five-minute video of Aubrey Plaza spending a few hours getting high with a couple of nuns?

To be clear, this new short from the folks at WatchCut Video doesn’t feature catholic nuns. Presumably, those more religious types would be less chill about agreeing to smoke weed on camera with the star of the new controversy-courting film The Little Hours, in which Plaza plays a foul-mouthed nun. No, these are the self-proclaimed “Weed Nuns,” who take their own vows but are a little more chill, as one might imagine. They smoke up with Plaza, and the three women hang out, talking pot, God, and what the two sisters think of Plaza’s new movie. (They’re fans.) But mostly, it’s a chance to kick back and vicariously enjoy the comforting pleasures of being high with someone who’s fun to talk to. Maybe you should try it right now? We’re not endorsing anything, of course, just suggesting that, in the abstract, it sounds like a really fun thing to do, and if Aubrey Plaza is simultaneously getting high with some nuns in a video you’re watching, all the better. If you’re at work, however, edibles are probably the way to go.


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