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Let Rick Ross and Donald Glover sell you on Atlanta’s lemon pepper wings

Screenshot: YouTube

Lemon pepper wings aren’t a rarity, necessarily, but the kind you get at Buffalo Wild Wings bear just a passing resemblance to the ones you get in Atlanta. Glazed in butter and a thick lemon sauce and sprinkled with black pepper, the city’s wings came to prominence last year when Donald Glover’s hit series Atlanta found rapper Paper Boi bowing before their magnificence. That’s not even to mention the numerous rappers—Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Migos—who have repped the wings in their rhymes.


First We Feast has long had a wing fetish, as it’s known for forcing celebrities to gnaw on hot wings during its “Hot Ones” video series, but this new episode of the more documentarian show “Food Grails” finds the food lovers digging even deeper into their obsession. Host Miss Info not just samples the wings, but talks to the likes of Atlanta natives Rick Ross and Waka Flocka Flame about what makes them so special.

Perhaps even more interesting than the lemon pepper business, however, are the multiple locals putting forth the city’s strip clubs as culinary destinations. “Strip clubs have the best wings,” Flocka says with the straightest of faces. And it’s not just wings; according to one foodie, he regularly indulges in flavorful plates of steak and salmon as women twerk next to his head. Maybe if the Michelin guide makes it to Atlanta we’ll finally see the first Bib Gourmand strip club.

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