In Monopoly, the Chance and Community Chest cards have always represented the vagaries of fate, the way humanity is as a seedpod on the wind at the ultimate mercy of randomness and the inevitability of death. Okay, usually they’re just about moving your token to the nearest railroad, but the subtext is clear. It’s clearer still in this altered set of cards produced by popular Twitter user Cohen Is A Ghost, a.k.a. @skullmandible. Using the familiar old art you’ve seen a thousand times before, the altered cards hilariously and darkly drag the nastiness of Monopoly’s uber-capitalist system out into the light.

“Here is the paper you need to live/WITH THIS PAPER WE HAVE CIVILIZED MURDER,” and “You win 2nd prize in a beauty contest/YOUR FLESH IS GORGEOUS USE IT CONSTANTLY” are two fine examples. It’s like watching John Carpenter’s They Live, except with Roddy Piper spending hours trying to buy Boardwalk instead of beating the crap out of Keith David.


[via Screenburn]