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Let KITT, Cliff Clavin, and Clair Huxtable serenade you with “Let It Go”

It’s safe to say that “Let It Go,” the breakout hit from last year’s Disney blockbuster Frozen has reached cultural saturation. A quick online search brings up parodies or covers of the song by moms, dads, hate groups, the inevitable Game Of Thrones mash-up, and many more. If you've come to the conclusion that you've seen every variation on this particular song that you’ll ever need, it’s hard to argue.

And yet…

This video, recreating the song with dialogue from dozens of ’80s TV shows and posted by YouTube user Jim Cliff, starts off pretty slow. Cliff does a decent job of matching the cadence of the edited words to match the rhythms of the song, but there are a few awkward gaps as it jumps from Matlock to MacGyver to Higgins from Magnum P.I.. But the thing about the phrase “let it go” is that it’s a pretty common one to encounter in a television script, which means Cliff has a lot of performances to pull it, unedited, from. And when the song hits the refrain, and you start hearing beloved characters like Jean-Luc Picard, Sam Malone, and Dewey from DuckTales belt it out, it’s hard to keep from giggling.

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