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Let Game Of Thrones’ Hodor serenade you with “Hodor In Da House”

Game Of Thrones is full of beautiful language, cutting dialogue, and stirring monologues, delivered with vim and skill by a talented cast. So, obviously, one of the show’s most popular characters is the guy who can only say his name. Now you can dance to the beat of everyone’s favorite well-hung, poorly spoken giant with “Hodor In Da House,” a dance-club-ready remix of the show’s theme by Eclectic Method, who were also responsible for that Wes Anderson Mix Tape from a few weeks ago. The song, with the show’s bombastic theme tweaked to sound like it’s being played on a Casio keyboard, is surprisingly catchy. Plus, the lyrics are easy to remember (they’re “Hodor”). Now all we have to do is wait for someone to mash it up with the Peter Dinklage song, and music in its entirety will have finally finished its long journey to perfection.

Note: While the song itself is safe for work, the accompanying music video contains some nudity, as well as spoilers for Game Of Thrones through “The Mountain And The Viper”.


Game of Thrones : Hodor in da House from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

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