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Let Donald Glover walk you through his mint condition Millennium Falcon

Maybe it’s just that pre-May The Fourth excitement, but it was a pretty good day for Solo: A Star Wars Story promos; we already reported on Ron Howard’s attempts to mash his adopted franchise home with his old Arrested Development narrating duties. Now, we’ve got the film’s most interesting star, Donald “Lando Calrissian” Glover, offering up a guided tour of his beloved space freighter, the Millennium Falcon.


And hey, we know what you’re thinking: Like any good nerd, you’re already intimately familiar with the old girl. But as the film’s trailers have made clear, this isn’t the Falcon that Star Wars fans have come to know and love over the years, not least of which because it’s actually clean for once. Like, really, shiny, brightly lit and gorgeous clean. Glover’s clearly having fun as he leads a camera around the set, pointing out the patent leather seats, the comfy accommodations, and, of course, the walk-in cape closet. It’s enough to make you really feel for poor Lando in Empire Strikes Back, when he gives an indignant “What have you done to my ship?” after seeing what Han’s reduced his sparkling pleasure barge to in the intervening years.

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