Outside of operating a resource-starved bakery, there are few situations that can’t be improved with the addition of Sesame Street’s resident baked goods behemoth, the Cookie Monster. The evening news, viral videos, the flat, cookie-like circle of time—they all benefit from Cookie Monster’s combination of simple wisdom and wild, rampaging id. Now, with a new tool released by the team promoting PBS’s upcoming one-hour special The Cookie Thief, you can bypass all the Internet middlemen and ferociously jam Cookie Monster into your browser with reckless abandon, just like the big blue guy would want. All you need to do is drag a link from the OmNomNomify site into your bookmarks bar, open a page, and click. Instantly, all those depressing images—Bill Cosby’s wizened troll eyes staring out from yet another story about a rape allegation, shots of homes destroyed in hurricanes, the pictures on Hitler’s Wikipedia page—will be gone, replaced with a dancing, mirthful Cookie Monster. His happy, cookie-devouring smile can’t make those awful things go away, but it can provide respite in the form of idiotic giggling—a brief, questionably healthy moment of joy, in the true spirit of the noble cookie.

(Warning: Please do not Cookie Monster-ify any A.V. Club pages featuring commentary from our own beloved gimmick poster Cookie Monster, as this will cause your browser to implode.)