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Let Cookie Monster be your life coach

It should come as no surprise to regular readers of The A.V. Club that Cookie Monster is a font of wisdom. But everyone’s favorite furry blue overeater now has a professional venue for his insights in “Cookie Monster, Life Coach,” in which Cookie helps give a few directionless souls encouragement to take a bite out of life.

The butter-and-sugar-filled advice is part of the latest episode of Everything But The News, a video series from PBS Digital Studios, the public television institution’s web content arm that launched in 2012 and produces regular series like PBS Space Time, and BrainCraft, as well as one-offs like the autotuned Mr. Rogers remix that went viral a few years ago. Everything is presented as a spoof of Newshour-style puff pieces, in which a reporter interviews ordinary Americans with an absurdist twist that plays like some of The Daily Show’s lighter investigative segments. But this particular segment is simply host Steve Goldbloom and a few others laying their self-doubt bare before a well-qualified life coach’s discerning googly eye.

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