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Let A Better Queue help you navigate Netflix’s library with ease

Netflix Instant’s large library of films is a great way to kill an afternoon or 300, but the interface has never been its strongest part. Though you can filter by genre and whether something fits the system’s nebulous definition of a “new release,” for the most part you’re left to wander the stacks on your own, lost in a forest of obscure films. That can be fun sometimes, but often you just want to find something goodor at least critically well-regardedwithout wasting an hour clicking through menus.

Enter “A Better Queue,” a new API released in May by Dave Jachimiak, which allows you to filter the Netflix Instant library by genre, year of release, critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and number of reviews. Once you’ve found a movie you like, one click will take you to its entry on Netflix, and you’re ready to watch. A Better Queue is clean and fast, and it should cut down on long, drawn-out arguments with your significant other about what to watchor at least make those arguments more streamlined and efficient.


[via Laughing Squid]

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