While speculation was running wild for a time that the title of the Breaking Bad finale, “Felina,” was either an anagram of “finale” or referred to the periodic symbols for iron, salt, and lithium, we now know better. “Felina” instead referred to the tragic love mentioned in Marty Robbins’ excellent song “El Paso.” Recently, Vince Gilligan even told Stephen Colbert that Walter White’s true “Felina” was blue meth, rather than a fondness he might have for his family or for Jesse Pinkman.

Given this information, some enterprising soul edited together Robbins’ “El Paso”— complete with subtitles—and significant scenes from Breaking Bad that show Walt’s true love combined with his character’s tragic arc. It’s a tiny bit of a stretch, but it also shines a light on how one piece of art can so strongly influence another, and how a show’s writers can craft a whole series out of just three minutes of source material.


"El Paso" scene in Breaking Bad plus the rest of it from Bonnie Rose on Vimeo.