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Leslie Odom Jr. discusses his final Hamilton performance

(Screenshot: YouTube)

Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr. stopped by The Tonight Show earlier this month to sit in with The Roots and promote his self-titled solo album. But in a bonus “tales from backstage” segment, he talks about his emotional final performance as Aaron Burr (sir) in the groundbreaking musical. The Tony winner explains that in the week leading up to his departure he tried to “feel whatever [he] was feeling.” He’s been working on the show since its earliest workshops and he calls his exit “bittersweet.”

Since leaving the show, Odom Jr. explains he’s been “sitting at home on the couch and processing what this whole crazy year has been like.” He’s also been giving his knees and back a welcome break from the intense choreography he once performed for eight shows a week. And he notes that since he’s still got plenty of friends in the cast, he plans to stop by the Richard Rodgers Theatre pretty regularly. It turns out he just can’t get away from the room where it happens.


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