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Steve Carell signed on to star in Robert Zemeckis’ fictionalized version of the documentary Marwencol way back in 2015, and now Deadline is reporting that he’s finally getting some company in the form of Leslie Mann and Janelle Monáe. The yet-untitled movie—like Marwencol—is about a man who dedicates all of his time to building and maintaining a miniature World War II-era town to cope with the memory loss he suffered after being attacked out of a bar. As Deadline spoils, “it’s really about how artistic imagination can restore the human spirit.”

We don’t have specific details about Mann and Monáe’s characters, but since Carell is playing the man who builds the town—Mark Hogancamp—and this isn’t the kind of story where the figurines he uses come to life, it’s safe to assume that they’ll just be playing people he knows or interacts with.


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