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Leslie Jones says the new Ghostbusters sequel is a "dick move"

Photo: Ben Gabbe (Getty Images for Time)

Last week, Jason Reitman announced that he had been developing a secret sequel to the original Ghostbusters movies—as in, the ones with men—that would be targeted directly at the “fans.” A trailer even came out that billed the movie as Ghostbusters 3, with rumors suggesting that the surviving ‘busters from the old movies would be appearing alongside a new cast of four teens (two boys and two girls, supposedly). The implication with all the talk about “fans” and returning to the original canon seemed like a weird and overt rejection of the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot with Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, and Melissa McCarthy, which was a fine movie that is unfortunately best remembered for how much it infuriated sexist pieces of shit on the internet.

Now, with this new movie seemingly attempting to erase the memory of the 2016 reboot, Leslie Jones herself is speaking out about how “insulting” the whole thing is. On Twitter (via Rolling Stone), Jones made it clear that she was offended by the desire to forget about the reboot so quickly, saying it was “like something Trump would do” and referring to it as “such a dick move.”


Reitman was tagged in the original tweet that Jones responded to, but he has not responded to the call-out (at least in public).


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