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Jones (Photo: Lester Cohen/Getty Images)

Leslie Jones used her brief stage time at the Emmys to make a statement about the awful harassment she’s endured online. After she walked out with the representatives from Ernst & Young for the typically boring nod to the accountants who tabulate the winners and keep the information safe, she shook things up by imploring the men on stage to protect her Twitter account instead of guarding boring information like who won “best voiceover in a French sitcom.” It was a funny way to address a terrible situation: This summer Jones has been the victim of racist attacks and a hack that exposed nude photos of the comedian and her personal information.

Jones’ activities after the ceremony also proved that the trolls have absolutely nothing on her boundless enthusiasm. She went on Twitter to display the selfies she acquired throughout the night, reaffirming that she is the Queen Of TV Fans Who Also Happens To Appear On TV. Crucially, she found the cast and creators of Game Of Thrones, a series with which she is vocally obsessed.


She made a hacking joke about winner Rami Malek of Mr. Robot.


She also did some A+ flirting work with John Mayer, who was in the telecast’s house band.


Scroll through the rest of her Twitter feed and then decide who takes better selfies: TV stars or Olympians. Jones probably has an opinion.

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