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Leslie Jones breaks down Game Of Thrones’ latest battle for Seth Meyers

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[Caution: There are Game Of Thrones spoilers herein, if you haven’t watch the “Battle Of The Bastards” yet.]


Seth Meyers took a break from banning and otherwise roasting Donald Trump on Late Night to catch up on Game Of Thrones last night. His enjoyment of the HBO drama is heightened by Leslie Jones’ tweets, apparently, so they sat down to watch the battle of the bastards go down. Jones had already celebrated the Winterfell homecoming, but Meyers was about to experience it for the first time. (He must have one of those Chrome extensions that blocks or otherwise disguises Game Of Thrones news.)

Jones provides insight into Daenerys’ mind, including the observation that Tyrion let things go to hell in Meereen after her capture. She and Meyers also criticize poor Rickon Stark for not knowing to zig-zag when running for freedom, but Jon Snow is spared criticism of his ill-advised attempt to take on Ramsay Bolton’s army all by himself. And for the record—the Blackfish is a silver fox, but Littlefinger is just creepy (stick to people your own age, Petyr).

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