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Leslie Jones and Matthew McConaughey had an Olympics hang

(Photo: Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

If they gave out medals for Olympics spectating, Leslie Jones would take the gold, given her dedication to documenting her commentary on Twitter. The Aly Raisman to Jones’ Simone Biles would be Matthew McConaughey, who has been wandering around the games maintaining his famous levels of chill. Last night, the two met. Jones chanted her catchphrase, “slay all day,” while McConaughey added, “it’s happening,” which isn’t exactly “alright alright alright” or “just keep livin’” but it will do.


Jones recounted the experience later that night. She wrapped up the first day of her Rio adventure with a series of Twitter videos about all of her exploits.

But Jones isn’t just at the games to hobnob with a celebrity she could probably find in New York or Los Angeles. She’s there to watch the athletes. In her case, however, taking in the competition also means getting quality face time with the stars of the show. She goofed around with members of the swim team, including Russia’s nemesis Lilly King.


And posed with the winning gymnasts.


Now it basically seems like the Olympians are lining up to meet her. Slay all day, indeed.

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