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Lesbians have some thoughts about the sex scenes in Blue Is The Warmest Color

Posture, a queer arts magazine, wanted a little more out of the conversation about Blue Is The Warmest Color, the Palme D'Or-winning independent film about a romance between two French lesbians. As groundbreaking as the subject matter is—and as beautiful as the film might be—the question remains: Is it accurate about sex women have with other women?

Videographer Yeni Sleidi investigates, interviewing a few different lesbians of her acquaintance and playing them the rather long and graphic sex scenes. The most weirdly funny thing about the video is how little all of her subjects react; they all look extraordinarily uncomfortable, when they're not outright laughing. One puts on chapstick nonchalantly as the characters on-screen pant and moan loudly. Another points out, "She just ate all of that spaghetti…" They all have a lot to say about the most graphic element: "You end up resting in another woman's asshole. That's not a sign of a successful encounter."


The four women weigh in on whether or not it's hot (sometimes?), interesting (no), what real lesbians do in bed ("There's a lot more crying" and "lesbians can't have real sex"), and comparisons to the immortal The L-Word. And if they'd ever use any of the moves themselves.

More cryptic but intriguing commentary: "Um, it was really geometric." And: "The scissoring: wish it could happen, never's happened once in human history. I'd rather go lick a Baskin Robbins ice cream cone."

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