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Leonardo DiCaprio to produce movie with actual wolf in it this time

Last year, Leonardo DiCaprio starred in The Wolf Of Wall Street, a film that disappointed all with its glaring lack of wolves. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, DiCaprio will soon make amends by producing American Wolf, a drama that actually delivers on the wolf promised in its title. Specifically, it tells the story of “O-Six, who in some circles was the world’s most famous wild animal,” which is possibly news to Spuds McKenzie. Still, we suppose this female alpha wolf did her own fair share of partying after being affixed with a tracking collar by scientists at Yellowstone, with the world hanging on her various wolf exploits—hunting, eating, selling junk bonds for Quaalude money—until she was killed by hunters in 2012, becoming a martyr for the conservationist movement. DiCaprio—who’s long lobbied for endangered species, such as tigers and “pussy posses”—will co-produce an adaptation of the forthcoming book about O-Six by Texas Monthly’s Nate Blakeslee. And he promises to have real, actual wolves, not that bullshit metaphorical kind.


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