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Leonardo DiCaprio might play Woodrow Wilson

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Just as the success of Spider-Man and Batman Begins ushered in a wave of superhero films, Lincoln's 12 Oscar nominations has all but assured we're on the cusp of a new wave of President movies. Rob Lowe's already playing JFK, and now Warner Bros. is eager to jump on the bandwagon before all the two-termers are taken, and they're stuck promoting Jim Broadbent in Martin Van Buren next Christmas. Instead, the studio is pushing to sign Leonardo DiCaprio to star in Wilson, based on A. Scott Berg's acclaimed biography of our 28th president, Woodrow Wilson, best known for promising to keep us out of the first World War, and for getting us into the first World War.

It's likely the film will also cover some aspect of Wilson's post-presidency, as he spent the rest of his life pushing the victorious Allies to form a League of Nations, only to see the U.S. Senate reject membership. It's probably less likely that the film will spend a lot of time on Wilson's history as a white supremacist who re-segregated most federal institutions for the first time since Reconstruction, and either demoted or fired as many African-American government employees as he could.

As shooting has not yet begun, expect Wilson to hit theaters in 2015 or thereabouts, followed shortly by Tippecanoe!, Grover Cleveland Part 1, Taft's Big Score, and a full round of Internet outrage when Casey Affleck gets cast as Belgium in League Of Nations.

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