Briefly turning away from World War II and the Kennedy assassination—and putting us all at risk at watching their horrors play out all over again—Tom Hanks has now become distracted by the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which he was similarly powerless to stop the first time around. Hanks is partnering with his Catch Me If You Can co-star Leonardo DiCaprio to produce Gorbachev, an HBO film exploring the end of the USSR as seen through the eyes of its reformer president, who at long last brought the promise of freedom to his nation’s pizza toppings. DiCaprio is actually an old friend of Gorbachev’s, with DiCaprio having recruited Gorbachev to star in his 2007 documentary The 11th Hour, and Gorbachev having recruited DiCaprio to be a sleeper agent in the KGB, just gaining America’s trust while waiting for the signal to reignite the Cold War. Once he does, it’s assumed that Tom Hanks will then make a movie about that.