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Leonardo DiCaprio and Nat Geo are re-making The Right Stuff for TV

(Photo: Eddy Chen/ABC via Getty Images)

Entertainment Weekly reports that Nat Geo and Leonardo DiCaprio are set to continue the partnership that began with the actor’s climate change documentary, Before The Flood, with the two partnering up for a TV version of The Right Stuff. Based off Tom Wolfe’s best-selling book—also adapted into a film version in 1983—the book tells the story of the early days of the Space Race, and the gung-ho would-be astronauts who competed in America’s “first reality show” to see who’d be the man to claim the title of first American in space.

DiCaprio will executive produce the series, with the show’s first season focusing on the early Space Race material from Wolfe’s book. (Future seasons will chart even further into the inky black, culminating eventually with the moon landing in 1969.) Nat Geo announced the new series at its TCA press conference earlier today.


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