Although he’s best known for his role as Spock, Leonard Nimoy leaves behind a legacy that includes decades of acting, directing, poetry, music, and photography. Now Mashable reports that Nimoy’s final photographic work will be officially unveiled at the Star Trek: 50 Artists. 50 Years exhibit, which will be shown at the Michael J. Wolf Gallery as part of this summer’s Comic-Con in San Diego. In addition to Nimoy’s own photography, Spock himself will figure prominently as the subject of numerous pieces.

Using an image of his own hand in the iconic Vulcan salute as the basis for the composition, Nimoy’s piece alternates color treatments, which exhibit curator Jorge Ferreiro acknowledges was meant to reflect uniform colors of the original series. It also suggests the universal appeal that Star Trek, and Leonard Nimoy specifically, holds for fans. The piece was created with the exhibit in mind, and Ferreiro said that Nimoy was “working quickly” to complete the piece when he died.


The exhibit will kick off a world tour after Comic-Con wraps in July, and the artwork will be on display at The CBS division that curated the collection says it will consider putting the artwork up for auction after the tour concludes—hopefully that doesn’t necessarily mean that Nimoy’s photograph will wind up next to some asshole’s copy of Once Upon A Time in Shaolin.