Having spent the last 60 years acting professionally and grudgingly listening to your theories about slingshot effect, Leonard Nimoy says he’s done. Nimoy just wrapped what will apparently be his final scene on Fringe, where he’s been guest-starring as Dr. William Bell—a rather central figure to the show’s mythology, as this Movieline blog elucidates, which means Nimoy’s exit will definitely have to be dealt with in some meaningful way. But whatever they have to do to explain his disappearance, Nimoy is officially washing his hands of it, saying he wants to use Fringe as going out “on a positive note.” (Another loser in all this: The Big Bang Theory, which was reportedly chasing Nimoy for a cameo.) This, of course, means the man who once declared I Am Not Spock—though he was a little wishy-washy about that—is really serious this time. Nimoy said he wants to give Zachary Quinto “space” to take over the character in any future Star Trek projects, which means no more logically convoluted time-travel scenarios, which is sort of a relief. As to what Nimoy will do with his free time, the New York Post reports that he “intends to concentrate on his photography,” namely his “unusual nude portraits,” which is actually an even better note to go out on.