Though they continue to march on and on in a ceaseless procession of press releases, we’re pretty sure we're now past the tipping point on The Hunger Games casting announcements, with only a few more choice roles left in the film adaptation of NBC’s The Biggest Loser. [JOKE TIME-WARPED IN FROM JAY LENO’S MONOLOGUE ONE YEAR INTO THE FUTURE.] Today that seemingly ever-widening roster has been winnowed down by at least two, as Lionsgate has confirmed via press release that it has cast the delightfully impish Toby Jones as Games announcer Claudius Templesmith, while Lenny Kravitz will play fashion stylist Cinna, who helps Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss put together the outfits that make her a crowd favorite. Among the other major minor roles still open, that just leaves President Snow, plus maybe a few dozen others. There's probably a chart somewhere.