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Lena Dunham's advice now officially worth $3.7 million

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As her semi-fictional counterpart struggles to entertain writers' workshops with her journal entries, barely getting by with day jobs that fail to recognize this as a talent worth compensating, in real life Girls' Lena Dunham has just landed a $3.7 million contract to write her first book, ensuring she'll never have to endure the sort of comedic struggling she imagines other people must go through. Titled Not That Kind Of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's Learned, the work will be a collection of essays full of "frank and funny advice on everything from sex to eating to traveling to work" from the 26-year-old Dunham, who passes along her counsel after experiencing such universal teaching moments as the one captured in the subheading, "Red lipstick with a sunburn: How to dress for a business meeting and other hard-earned fashion lessons from the size 10 who went to the Met Ball." Of course, $3.7 million may seem like a lot, but consider how often you yourself have been tormented with self-doubt about what you're wearing to the Met Ball, and what you might pay for advice that made you feel as though Lena Dunham understands you.


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