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Lena Dunham vows to add more non-white girls to Girls

As promised by the casting of Donald Glover and repeated interviews in which she's made these promises, Lena Dunham has every intention of addressing the oft-heard complaint that Girls has far too many white girls in its show about white girls. Speaking at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit (which no man is foolhardy enough to dare climb), Dunham talked about her "heartbreak at the idea that the show would make anyone feel isolated," and vowed to do more to foster diversity than simply adding one black guy in the TV equivalent of Photoshopping a college catalog. Instead, among the promised "multitude of new characters in the show," Dunham says she will also include some who speak to those "who are women of color who want to see themselves reflected on screen," just hanging out and being regularly humiliated like the rest of the cast, in the interest of equality. No word on who those new characters might be, of course, but no doubt they'll be added seamlessly.


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